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Fourways Chiropractic

Fourways Chiropractic, is a neurologically-based, family wellness practice, with a particular focus on optimal function of the nervous system.

Our low-force techniques are particularly suited to pregnant ladies, babies and those more sensitive patients that don't like, or may be more sensitive to the traditional high-impact adjustments.

Babies and children have a spine and nervous system that deserve to be healthy. A properly aligned and moving spine is vitally important to the health of a child’s brain. New research shows that over ONE-THIRD of 20 year-olds have spinal degeneration with no symptoms. This means they have a very unhealthy spine but no presenting pain and symptoms. As chiropractors, our biggest concern is how an unhealthy spine will interfere with their brain and nervous system function. And when that happens, it influences all aspects of human development and performance.
We can get to the cause of some of these issues before they become irreversible.
The most important part is parents knowing that altered spinal biomechanics, what we call a subluxation, is more than a back problem - it’s a brain and nervous system problem, and that’s why we are so passionate about babies and children (and even adults) receiving Chiropractic!

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